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Educational role

The JTF has always been considered a unique educational opportunity in Italy as it represents a chance for direct contact between Research and Development and the gold sector operators.
A piece of jewellery is not only a product of the gold jewellery industry, it’s the result of a complex production process which starts from a study of social trends, is interpreted by the taste and creativity of the designer, and is transformed and takes concrete shape thanks to the technology applied.

This year


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Valuable lessons from our experts to go over fundamental concepts in chemistry and metallurgy applied to the production of jewelry... and get good tips to make your job even more efficient! We will answer questions like:

  • What causes defects like dull color in your galvanic implant?
  • Why are there unexpected cracks after production?
  • Why certain types of models suffer from extensive porosities?
  • How to correctly identify the sprueing channels of a casting object?
  • What are the ways to enhance the surface quality of a metal sheet?
  • How to identify if my plating bath deposits correctly?


11:30 am - 01:00 pm

With the contribution of Stefania Trenti and Paola De Luca we are going into future insights by crossing financial and stylistic trends. Let's understand where we are going toward and be ready with the right answers!


02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Companies and research institutes will introduce you to their recent explorations! We will speak about additive technologies, palladium 950 investment casting, SLM applied to platinum jewellery, responsibly sourced artisanal gold and also about black finishes with improved abrasion and corrosion resistance!

A unique opportunity for comparison

During the forum the participants can meet important experts and researchers, and discuss particular aspects or problems with them. After the forum, anyone who wishes to make use of the information can consult the  conference proceedings edited and distributed by LEGOR GROUP SpA. “Without education and without coming face to face, there is no growth, but growth requires innovation which in turn stems from knowledge….often the solution is already there but we don’t know where: every year JTF and Santa Fe’ Symposium publish the conference proceedings with the clear and precise objective of ensuring that this knowledge can be used by everyone”. This is the belief of Massimo Poliero, JTF Chairman, who has been supporting this event since 2004, challenging indifference, distrust and the crisis in the sector, and hoping to make a contribution to the spread of learning.


The JTF owes its success in recent years to the active collaboration between Italian Exhibition Group and Legor Group SpA. As we see it, outside collaboration in organisation of the Forum must represent the interest of both the district and the sector associations in spreading the culture of technological innovation.
The JTF aims to demonstrate the commitment of the leading institutions in the gold jewellery sector to supporting, in concrete terms and with all the resources available to them, the development of new successful strategies for the gold and silver jewellery firms. 

The sponsors

The CPV sponsorship supports the research of some of the speakers who present their results at the forum and promotes subsequent meetings for further discussion with the JTF speakers.